Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Entrepreneurship, anyone?

Hello there. Its been a while since I returned to this here blog thing.
Anyway, the news is .. well, life goes on, more or less as usual, and so do the courses. After a short and sweet break of a weekend (effectively 2 weeks) Im back in the next quarter with a new set of courses. Yup.

This time Ive opted for some "techie" sort of courses (given my inherent (genetic? memetic? natural? nurtural? whatever) liking for the same). I was given a choice for the electives and I saw it in my benefit to takeup these (see below). I see 2 advantages to this, one, this might allow for a reduction in the number of "readings" I have been forced to do in the name of course work, and do some Real (techie style) work, two, it might allow for a quarter of relaxation, ahh ... hold on, Ive not yet considered all of my courses yet! Ok. 2 of the courses (outof3) are the techie ones - 1 on Business Data Mining and Decision models (BDMDM),and the other one innocently called Strategic behavior and Industrial Oranigzation (SBIO), the first one quite self descriptive, while the second one is cunninly turning into a fairly "brainy" sort of a course, with the first six lectures devoted to a fairly mathematical treatment of game theory (my favorite subject! well atleastI should try to make it one), which will later be applied to the analysis of managerial and oranizational strategy. Anyway, the important thing is - both are more focused on exams and projects rather than something like continuos assessment, like CP.

The third course, Im afraid is bound to shake me up a bit out of whatever inertias I am currently entertaining - be it mental, physical, psycholoical, motivational, or anything else. It is on Entrepreneurship and Venture creation, and requires us to delve into a more or less existential understanding of the beast called entrepreneurship (its a french word! and so is "manager"). Its a new thing for me, certainly, though somewhere in some dark and dimly lit recesses of my mind I seem to have a conception that I am made for doing something new, independent, something different from the crowd (well, given that the latest survey in the US puts the percent figure of the number of people wanting to start on their own a whopping 56% and it being 40% for the student community(is google to blame for this?), it seems like everyone today wants to be one! anyway, that does not stop me from thinking that I AM different!). I hope the course proceedings help to consolidate this rather irrational belief of mine, that being my main motivation, at least for the present. The practical/operational aspects of the matter are of course as important, how does one start? is an Idea sufficient? how to I sustain the initial drive? how do I fund myself? what do I need to be prepared for? how do I draft the BP? can I afford to chuck my "secure" job for something like this? am I too old? do I have the network/contacts to be a success? is it a wild sea full of sharks where I can quite unlikely survive? I hope to get answers to ALL of these (and any other) questions, AND also hope to come up with an idea REAL FAST! At the end we will get it examined by the erudite and much experienced (in the matter of startups) prof of ours, and hopefully be prepared for a life altering course! Just kidding. Or perhaps not!

Anyway, it is something which might take up some of my intellectual space or the course of the next 2.5 months, in addition to a fairly technical exposition of the discipline of data mining (or dredging as it is now called) trying to extract some pearls of knowlede (or wisdom?) from the sea of data that the business professionals of today are bombarded with - applying any or all of the myriad techniques which have been developed till now including classification trees, enetic alorithms, pattern reconition, neural networks, inductive rule bases, KD, etc etc), and of course a wholistic understanding of the nature of strategy as applicable to managers and economists, seen from the interesting lens of game theory!

Hope to have a "stimulatin" 3 months ahead!

In the meantime please let me know any ideas/opinions/sugestions you might have about entrepreneurship and Id love to have a discussion on the blog or in person!



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