Monday, August 02, 2004

This and that

Had been busy for some time now. Last weekend saw me through two quizzes, CorpFin and IB. Nothing worth mentioning, except for the total uncertainty about what is going to be the result of the same.

There has been some good news on the international free trade negotiations front with some sort of an agreement reached on the Doha round of negotiations of the WTO, preventing it from being a complete failure ( see here ). This is something which directly related to the stuff we are studying for our IB course, and it would be interesting to study the actual resolutions reached. From a cursory study, it seems essentially, that the rich nations (US!) have decided to cut down on excess farm subsidies, whcih result in dumping huge amounts of agri products into the world market by the developed nations at drastically reduced prices, making the market uncompetitive, and preventing the developing nations from benefiting; by atleast 20%, and there has been acceptance on the Singapore issues which incidentally developing countries like India were opposed to. Arun Jaitley seems to be unhappy about this, since he was one of the negotiators at the Cancun meeting.
Anyway, the hope is this leads to a better world, and a bigger share of the international market for developing nations like India.

There was an interesting lecture in IB by Prof. Murali Patibandla on the concept of National Innovation Systems. Basically these are a framework for nations to be competitive in the increasingly important field of Innovation to remain successful in the world markets. Plan to do a small write up on the same and post it here withint he next couple of days!

Also, the news about PGSM (the course Im doing) is that they have released a circular for admission for academic year 2005, this was released in the Economic Times recently. The only difference this year is that instead of the special exam for PGSM we needed to appear for, this time it is either CAT or GMAT which are well recognized (and perhaps slightly difficult) tests. If anyone is really interested in getting hands on the circular about PGSM, send in your comments, Ill be happy to mail the circular (pdf format).



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