Tuesday, June 15, 2004

International Business

Got to know the topics and the schedule for the course on International Business (IB). The course is geared towards "improving the abilities of Indian software professionals working in internationally oriented indian software companies in dealing with the complexities of international business", by looking at issues specific to international business and integrate the learnings from other core courses - like Strategy, Operations, Micro Economics, and perhaps a bit of Project Management.
The course is outlined along the foll lines -
State of the World Economy
Exchange Rates and forecasting
Micro-Economic foundations of IB
International trade theory and Commercial policy
Indias trade policy
Global developments and trade in services
Comparing China and India
Global Outsourcing
International JVs
Globalization of R&D
Internationalization and Corporate governance
Domestic Macro-economic conditions
Cross-cultural management.
Hmmph. Seems like a lot of work this time too! :)
The focus is on the Indian context, and providing the background for understanding the trends in globalization like outsourcing which are highlighted on the Indian radar at the moment, and issues in managing the same. Competition with China would be dealt with too. Hope this would be a though provoking course, especially since it builds on our understanding from the courses on economics (micro/macro, fiscal policy, international trade - setting of the exchange rates etc) and strategy (competition, including a bit of game theory).
Wish there could also be some focus/discussion on the international aspects of trade not limited to India, e.g. why US based orgs would choose other smaller countries like Vietnam, Brazil, etc. over India/China, and the political and infrastructural aspects affecting trade like red-tapism and lack of infrastructure in India and how it can be addressed!


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great effort Buddy. I am your fellow Section A guy. Keep writing.

At 5:41 AM, Blogger V said...

Thanks for the compliment mate. Hope to keep the "quality" as well as quantity up!


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